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Fake ID Bar Tips

It has become more common to see fake IDs being used at bars and clubs for a whole host of reasons. Using a fake id, in most areas, is more about psychology than knowing every little detail, but that does help. Most fake Id website produce fake ids that scan and look very close to a real Id. Here are some tips to using your fake ID at a bar.

1. Have Your Real ID

The first rule is to always have your real ID with you when using a fake ID. However, hide it somewhere other than your wallet. The reason is that you will be less in trouble for being in a bar if you show your real ID to the cops. Giving your real ID means that you can say that you gave the bouncer or bartender that ID, and they were not paying attention.

2. Know the Bar that you are going to

There are a few different types of bars. The most common places for using a fake ID are bars without bouncers, hotel bars, restaurant bars and the 'Underground' bars. Most of these bars do not have bouncers, and will card you from time to time, but most times they are very relaxed. Avoid the upscale bars since the bouncers are very uptight, and will question just about everyone who looks like they are under the age of 30.

3. Stop Shaking

Before you go anywhere near the bouncer, get rid of the shakes. A few deep breaths and some jumping jacks can help take the shakes off. Shaking makes the bouncer think that there is something up with you. You should also make sure that you look at the bouncer and bartender when they are looking at the fake ID. Looking around and acting fidgety will make them question if the ID is real.

4. Cash Is King

When you are using a fake ID, it is recommended that you always pay in cash. This makes you harder to track. It also means that you do not go crazy with the amount of alcohol and food that you buy, and you are less likely to lose your bank or credit card using cash. This also makes tipping easier, which is recommended when using a fake ID, because most people over the age of 21 tip their bartender.

Understanding the psychology of the bar setting can help your fake ID pass as a real ID. Be smart, and know when not to use your fake ID. There is always the possibility that you are going to fail at using a fake ID. So be ready, and have extra fake IDs just in case.'

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